.NET – Import Swagger API definition into Postman

Shows how to import your swagger Web API documentation into postman.

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How to cut and paste in Apple OXS

Shows how to cut and paste in Apple OSX

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Making Chai functions global in mocha

Shows how to make the chai “expect”, “spy” etc functions global so you don’t have to keep adding lots of repeating require(…) to every test

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What are Symbols for in Javascript ES6

Gives a brief explanation of what symbols primitives are for in Javascript ES6 and how they can be used.

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Monitors turn off when waking from hibernate – Windows 10 Bootcamp on iMac

When I put my machine into hibernate and try to wake it up my additional monitors are turned off. Here’s a look at possible solutions.

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Solar Probe Plus to set speed records in space

A look at the Solar Probe Plus mission, due to launch in 2018.

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Viewing localhost on iPhone

Shows how to view your localhost website from an iPhone during development using the ngrok tool (Windows).<!–more–>

First download ngrok from ngrok.

Now open a command prompt and enter <code>ngrok.exe http 4458 -host-header=”localhost:4458″</code> (replacing 4485 with your port number). The host header isn’t always required, but in my case I needed to include it.

The tool will output a URL to browse to. Visit this URL and confirm the tunneling is working.

That’s it!

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Google Docs – Subscript not working in Safari – cmd + , shortcut

A work around for getting the subscript (and others) shortcut working in Google Docs

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Docker file no such file or directory even when file exists

Currently learning how to work with Docker containers, and ran into this weird error. Turns out there is a simple explanation.

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Burn .iso image to USB on OSX from terminal

Shows the steps required to burn an iso image onto a USB device from the terminal.

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