Shows how to make the chai “expect”, “spy” etc functions global so you don’t have to keep adding lots of repeating require(…) to every test

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What are Symbols for in Javascript ES6

Gives a brief explanation of what symbols primitives are for in Javascript ES6 and how they can be used.

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Monitors turn off when waking from hibernate – Windows 10 Bootcamp on iMac

When I put my machine into hibernate and try to wake it up my additional monitors are turned off. Here’s a look at possible solutions.

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Solar Probe Plus to set speed records in space

A look at the Solar Probe Plus mission, due to launch in 2018.

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Viewing localhost on iPhone

Shows how to view your localhost website from an iPhone during development using the ngrok tool (Windows).<!–more–>

First download ngrok from ngrok.

Now open a command prompt and enter <code>ngrok.exe http 4458 -host-header=”localhost:4458″</code> (replacing 4485 with your port number). The host header isn’t always required, but in my case I needed to include it.

The tool will output a URL to browse to. Visit this URL and confirm the tunneling is working.

That’s it!

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Google Docs – Subscript not working in Safari – cmd + , shortcut

A work around for getting the subscript (and others) shortcut working in Google Docs

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Docker file no such file or directory even when file exists

Currently learning how to work with Docker containers, and ran into this weird error. Turns out there is a simple explanation.

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Burn .iso image to USB on OSX from terminal

Shows the steps required to burn an iso image onto a USB device from the terminal.

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Setup up Hive on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

Some notes for installing Hive on Ubuntu Server for development.

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Seismic waves

Notes from my study of Natural Sciences (S104) with the Open University.

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