Execute programmable section through code in Dynamics AX

If you want to execute a programmable section for a report in Dynamics AX through code you can do this like so in a new report method.

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Getting DataSource in Query next() Method in Dynamics AX

This shows how to get the datasource in the next method of the Query in a native Dynamics AX report.

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Run SSRS Report in AX 4.0

I created a form that allows you to run SSRS reports (or open any URL) from a menu item in the same way you’d run any native AX report.

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Open a form through X++ code in AX

This example shows how to load an existing form through X++ code in AX.

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Pausing a movie in ActionScript 2.0

Every now and then I use Flash to bring some life to websites I design which are looking a little bland. Today on a movie I was making I needed to pause the animation for a period of time. Rather than insert a whole load of blank frames I thought I’d finally find out how to do it properly with ActionScript.

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Efficient looping in PHP

I took some time to investigate performance implications of different methods of looping in PHP.

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