Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 from command line

The new version of Ubuntu is out. Here’s how to upgrade from command line.

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Where they stand – Round up of the top leagues in Europe

As the football season draws to a close this article looks at the top leagues around Europe and analyses who is still in the hunt.

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Add undetected resolutions in Ubuntu

If a resolution or refresh rate isn’t detected in Ubuntu and you’d like to add it here is how to do it.

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Poor display in Ubuntu 64 bit

Had a problem with the display on my new Ubuntu 64 bit installation, with poor quality rendering and colours looking bad. Here’s what I did to get it fixed:

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Xorg.conf missing in Ubuntu

Xorg.conf is not found in /etc/X11/ directory.

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Installing 64 bit Ubuntu – Can not mount /dev/loop0

Probably the daftest error ever, the fix is very simple but might be a bit of a pain.

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Automatically mount/unmount USB drive in Ubuntu

Found a great little package today to automatically mount and unmount a USB drive in Ubuntu.

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Regular Expression find text in files in Ubuntu

How to search a file or files within a directory using a regular expression.

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Run remote desktop in Ubuntu without loggin in

Took me an age to get this working but this script will allow you to run RDP on a server running Ubuntu Server on your network without having to log in (so you don’t have to connect monitors and keyboards everytime you want to restart).

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