Add formula button to Open Office Menu

I’m doing MU123 of a BSc degree with the OU at the moment and having the formula button in Open Office easily available is very useful.

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Solution folders are unsupported in this version

Error message that occurs when you load a solution you’ve received from elsewhere.

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SQL Server Parent/Child select with CTE

How to perform a recursive parent / child relationship select in SQL Server using CTE.

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Linux Mint menu disappeared

This can send you into a panic, but luckily it’s easy to fix.

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WebInvoke attribute to send and receive JSON to WCF

Shows how to use the WebInvoke attribute with a WCF service class.

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Can’t save SQL Server design changes in SQL Server Management Studio

You get the Saving changes is not permitted error in SQL Server Management Studio.

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One or more types required to compile a dynamic expression

You get this error when attempting to compile a solution that uses dynamic types in .NET.

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Call a stored procedure within a function

Finding a way to call a stored procedure within a function.

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Multi-part identifier could not be bound

This error is thrown by a simple syntax error in the stored procedure code.

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