Force DataGrid to use th HTML tags for table headings

By default DataGrid used the <td> tag for headers. Annoying and not exactly intuitive. Here is how to use <th> instead.

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Copy files from remote desktop

Sometimes you need to copy files from remote desktop over RDP to your local machine. Here is how to enable that functionality.

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Parameters in dynamic SQL in SQL Server

Currently still struggling with a block of dynamic SQL in a stored procedure, the latest problem being how to get it to assign a value to a variable which I need to use elsewhere in the procedure.

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Sql Server Management Studio Error Log – Error logging in SSMS

Debugging errors in Sql Server when calling them from an application can be tricky. Logging can assist.

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Set DataGrid PageCount property

How annoying – you have written a custom method to determine recordset size without having to select the entire table, only to find DataGrid.PageCount is read only!

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WebResource.axd file empty

Discovered that WebResource.axd was empty, causing a JavaScript error to be thrown (Webform_PostBackOptions undefined).

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The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the ISAPI and CGI Restriction list settings on the Web server

This error occurs when you attempt to run a web application built in .NET v1.1 on IIS 7.0.

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Check variable exists and is defined in PHP

Shows how to check a variable is defined and assigned to in PHP.

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PHP not outputting errors in browser

PHP sending an empty page to the browser instead of an error message is not particularly helpful when your debugging an application. Here’s how to fix it (works on Linux Mint and probably Ubuntu).

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Create elements and attributes with JavaScript HTML DOM

Create elements and attributes using pure JavaScript HTML DOM.

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