Track changes in the registry as they happen

Used a great application for the first time today which shows changes as they happen in the system registry.

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Disable Adobe Reader Update

OK from a security point of view you definitely shouldn’t do this. But I for one think Adobe and Google take something of a liberty running in the background taking up resources without my permission! Here’s is how you can disable such services.

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Login failed for user ‘sa’. Server is in script upgrade mode

You cannot run an ASP.Net application on your local machine because you can’t connect to the SQL Server database.

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How to list all columns in SQL Server

Shows how to list all of the columns for a given table in SQL Server, which can be useful for dealing with data dynamically in code.

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Equation editor greyed out in Word 2007

Was working on an assignment for my BSc when I realised equation editor was greyed out on the toolbar and I couldn’t create equations in Word 2007.

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Generate a random number in SQL Server

Shows how to generate a random number in SQL Server.

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Get current datetime in SQL Server

Shows how to get the current DATETIME in SQL Server.

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Generate a truly random hash key in .NET

The RandomNumberGenerator class in System.Security.Cryptography allows generation of truly random 32-byte hash keys.

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Unique or null constraint in SQL Server

Shows how to enforce unique constraints, while allowing null values.

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Accepting a partial date from a form in ASP.Net

Provides a solution where an entire date is not required to be filled in for a form.

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