Select one to launch blank screen when creating MIDlet in J2ME

Was playing around with J2ME in NetBeans for the latest module of my Open Uni course when I got this rather wierd error when creating a class derived from javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet.

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Testing ASP.Net classes with NUnit in Visual Web Developer

I thought I’d compile this quick guide to setting up unit testing in Visual Web Developer 2010 using NUnit.

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Invoking JQuery click event with arguments

Shows how to invoke a function in jQuery from a click event and send any number of arguments.

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View source with Notepad

Here’s how to view source with Notepad, rather than the default useless code viewer that is used in IE8+.

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Failed to load viewstate. Problem with the control tree

This cryptic problem is caused when dynamically loading controls.

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Byte array to String in Java

Shows how to create a string from a byte array in Java.

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ASP.Net validation for a particular ValidationGroup on the client using JavaScript

This post shows how to invoke ASP.Net validators on the client for a particular ValidationGroup.

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ASP.Net Ambiguous match found

Strange error that occurs even though you know there is only one class with the name that indicated.

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Kill Yahoo/Youtube video advert spam with Chrome AdBlock extension

At some point a new trend of injecting commercials into videos took hold on the world wide web and forcing visitors to sit through them.

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