Remove overlay scrollbars in Ubuntu Unity

Overlays scrollbars – yuck! If you find these things to be obstructive and ugly and want to remove them here is how to do it.

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Install Compiz Config from terminal command line in Ubuntu

Shows how to install Compiz Config Settings manager from the terminal window.

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Where is the Test View panel in Visual Studio 2010

Find the Test View panel in Visual Studio 2010.

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Set static ports in Visual Studio 2010

Shows how to set a static port in the Visual Studio 2010 Development Server.

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View host PC’s localhost from Virtual PC

Shows how to view the host PC’s localhost from inside a Virtual PC environment.

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Ubuntu classic desktop from command line

Show how to restore classic desktop in Ubuntu entirely from the terminal.

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Generate C# code from xsd file

Shows how to use the xsd.exe binary that ships with Microsoft SDK to generate C# code from an XSD file.

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Visual studio remote debugging – breakpoints not hit

Had this issue, turned out to be a simple option in Visual Studio.

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