Example of a JUnit test in Netbeans

A quick example of how to write a unit test with JUnit in Netbeans.

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Overclocking settings – some basics

Some notes I’ve made for overclocking my PC over the next few weeks. I’ve written them up in laymans terms, hopefully they’ll be of use to someone.

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Update with inner join SQL Server

Shows how to perform an update with an inner join.

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How to use distinct to count occurances of a value in a field

Shows how to use the distinct keyword to query for a particular value in a field.

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Find the length of a field in SQL Server

Shows how to find the length of a field in SQL Server 2008.

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Choosing between get and post methods when invoking ASMX services

Shows how to choose request method when invoking a XML web service in .NET.

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Afterburner blue screen cannot boot

Shows how to edit settings in MSI Afterburner in Safe Mode if you keep getting the blue screen of death when you boot normally.

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Network BIOS command limit has been reached. Hosting on a UNC share is not supported for the Windows XP Platform

This article explains this weird message that crops up from time to time in Visual Studio 2010 and some possible fixes.

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Using grep to find strings in files

A quick look at how to use the grep command to find string in filenames on Linux or using Cygwin on Windows.

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Remove duplicate spaces and duplicate characters from a string in .NET

Sometimes you get 2 spaces in a string when you only want 1, or you get 2 tabs where you only want one. Here is a nice little extension method for String that allows you to replace all occurrences of characters with a single occurrence easily.

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