Example of a class for solving quadratic equations in C#

Wrote a small class in C# for solving quadratic equations. Feel free to use or modify as you please 🙂

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Making text subscript or superscript in Word

Keyboard shortcuts to make text subscript or superscript in Microsoft Word 2007.

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Division symbol keyboard shortcut / HTML escape on Windows

Found this shortcut completely by accident today while I was attempting to use superscript in a Word document.

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Proving a square root is irrational

As part of my Open University degree I am studying MS221. I was interested in how it can be proven that a number is irrational. After much reading I thought I’d submit this article which explains hows to prove √3 is irrational in simple steps.

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NewID() within a user defined function in SQL Server

You try to use NEWID() in a UDF in SQL Server 2008 but you get an error that stops you.

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Get table size in KB in a single resultset

I’ve written a script that will tell you how much space each table in your database is using up.

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Move database file to a new location

Moving a database file to a new location is a common task that if done incorrectly can cause massive headaches. Here is a quick overview of how to perform this task.

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Move an existing table to a new filegroup

Sometimes you want to download a table from your live system into a testing environment, but don’t want to have to pull the whole database down. Moving a single table to a new filegroup makes this sort of task much easier as you can just backup and restore the filegroup into an existing database. Here is the script to move a table to a new filegroup.

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SQL Server changes varbinary and adds a zero

Wierd problem that has a very simple fix.

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Trigger recursion – Prevent triggers firing themselves in SQL Server 2008 R2

Trigger recursion can be the cause of very hard to find bugs. Luckily it is easily prevented.

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