Automatically mount Windows 7 partition in Debian

Shows how to automatically mount a windows partition in Debian.

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Ctrl + Alt + T for Terminal in Debian

I really miss this easy shortcut to open a new terminal since moving from Ubuntu to Debian. Luckily it’s easy to create this. Here is how.

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Getting Sopcast to install on Debian

A blow-by-blow guide to getting Sopcast to install on Debian 6.0.6.

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Make command not found – Debian

Trying to install a tar.gz file in Debian and you get an error when you try to execute a make statement.

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Debian won’t eject CD / DVD

Pressing the eject button or trying to eject does nothing or gives you an error saying the device is busy.

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Debian not playing DVDs – Could not read from resource

Turns out I needed to install some codecs. Here’s what I did.

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Snipping tool on Debian

One of my favourite tools on Windows is the Snipping tool. It allows me to quickly and easily circulate screenshots in my day job as a developer to discuss bugs. It’s also great for grabbing math formulas as images from Word’s equation editor and pasting them into my Google docs. Luckily Debian has a similar tool.

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Unable to view Flash movies on You Tube in fullscreen in Debian

So you just installed Debian 6.0.6, but when you try to blow a movie up to fullscreen it doesn’t work. All you get is audio and the screen gets messed up.

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Debian keeps asking me to insert installation CD when I try to install a new package

Being forced to dig out the installation DVD in order to install a new package gets annoying quick. Fortunately there is a simple solution to resolve this issue.

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3 screens running in Debian on 2 GPUs. ATI Radeon HD3650 xorg.conf

After 2 nights of struggling with this problem I’ve finally got 3 screens running in Debian on my 2 ATI Radeon HD3650’s (my CPU is an AMD 1090T if that makes a difference). Here is how I did it.

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