Safari – Cannot connect to the server localhost

You get this message when debugging a Visual Studio application in Safari, in my case using Browserstack.

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ScriptManager.ScriptMode property in release mode

Explains this property and how it can help client scripts run faster and with less bugs.

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ASP.NET client side validation – properties and functions

Some useful functions and properties and a quick overview of how to use them in JavaScript to take full control of client side validation.

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Could not find System.Web.Extensions – Microsoft AJAX Toolkit

Decided to have a poke around in the AJAX Control Toolkit source-code for the legacy application I’m working on and got this error when compiling.

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Failed to load viewstate. Problem with the control tree

This cryptic problem is caused when dynamically loading controls.

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ASP.Net validation for a particular ValidationGroup on the client using JavaScript

This post shows how to invoke ASP.Net validators on the client for a particular ValidationGroup.

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Generate a truly random hash key in .NET

The RandomNumberGenerator class in System.Security.Cryptography allows generation of truly random 32-byte hash keys.

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Accepting a partial date from a form in ASP.Net

Provides a solution where an entire date is not required to be filled in for a form.

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Force DataGrid to use th HTML tags for table headings

By default DataGrid used the <td> tag for headers. Annoying and not exactly intuitive. Here is how to use <th> instead.

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Set DataGrid PageCount property

How annoying – you have written a custom method to determine recordset size without having to select the entire table, only to find DataGrid.PageCount is read only!

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