What are Symbols for in Javascript ES6

Gives a brief explanation of what symbols primitives are for in Javascript ES6 and how they can be used.

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WebAssembly – bytecode on the web

On many developer’s wishlists for a number of years, this week news broke of a collaboration between Microsoft, Google and Mozilla to bring a binary standard to web development programming.

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Simple publish/subscribe model in JavaScript

Nothing worse than re-implementing the same sort of code over and over. One common pattern used in JavaScript programming is the publish/subscribe model.

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Make checkboxes behave like radio buttons using jQuery

Simple code sample to make checkboxes behave like radio buttons.

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Knockout hasWriteFunction undefined when minified

The life of a developer throws up some challenging problems, some infuriating ones and some that are just plain stupid! This one falls into that last category.

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Fabric JS – Add a dblclick event to fabricjs

I am using FabricJS for my final project with the OU. Here is a quick and easy way to add a double click event handler to Fabric JS.

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Subset sum – find all numbers that add up to n

A Javascript solution to a common problem where you need to find all natural numbers that add up to some other number.

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Javascript module pattern for namespaces and packages

Quick look at the module pattern in Javascript from the point of view of a C# or Java developer.

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Check for undefined object in Javascript

Shows how to check for an undefined object in Javascript

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Using Selenium Web Driver for Unit Testing

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to test Javascript functions in NUnit? Here’s a quick sample of how that can be done.

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