Some .htaccess tricks to block access to certain files

Show .htaccess samples to block access to certain files you don’t want people to be able to access.

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How to get the plugins directory in WordPress

Shows a few useful function to get the path to the plugins directory in wordpress.

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PDO in PHP execute() does nothing

The execute() method seems to work fine when executing a stored procedure, but a look in the database shows no data was added.

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Install PDO for PHP on IIS 7

How to install PDO for PHP on IIS 7.

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Check variable exists and is defined in PHP

Shows how to check a variable is defined and assigned to in PHP.

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PHP not outputting errors in browser

PHP sending an empty page to the browser instead of an error message is not particularly helpful when your debugging an application. Here’s how to fix it (works on Linux Mint and probably Ubuntu).

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.htaccess not working in Ubuntu?

If your .htaccess file doesn’t appear to be working it’s worth checking it is installed.

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Install php5 and MySQL

Run the following commands to install PHP5 and MySQL in Ubuntu.

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Add site to Apache2 in Ubuntu

Shows how to add a site to Apache2 in Ubuntu.

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Run remote desktop in Ubuntu without loggin in

Took me an age to get this working but this script will allow you to run RDP on a server running Ubuntu Server on your network without having to log in (so you don’t have to connect monitors and keyboards everytime you want to restart).

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