Viewing localhost on iPhone

Shows how to view your localhost website from an iPhone during development using the ngrok tool (Windows).<!–more–>

First download ngrok from ngrok.

Now open a command prompt and enter <code>ngrok.exe http 4458 -host-header=”localhost:4458″</code> (replacing 4485 with your port number). The host header isn’t always required, but in my case I needed to include it.

The tool will output a URL to browse to. Visit this URL and confirm the tunneling is working.

That’s it!

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Windows 8 not previewing images in File Explorer

When you view a folder full of images on Windows 8 it does not show a preview. Here is how to resolve the issue.

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Adobe Reader forgets my read settings

When reading PDFs there is nothing worse than having to spend 2-3 minutes restoring all the settings from your last read, for example scrolling. Fortunately there is a simple solution.

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Adding programs to the “Send to” menu in Windows 8

Shows how programs can be added to the Send to menu in Windows 8 (I believe this should work for Windows 7 too).

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The usability disaster that is Windows 8

I finally started using Windows 8 on a regular basis last week (actually it was 8.1 as I upgraded immediately). Unfortunately this OS has some major usability defects that leave a lot to be desired as I’ll sum up in this post.

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Add a title to a chart in Microsoft Excel 2007

Shows how to add a title to a chart in Microsoft Excel 2007

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Filter Windows Event Log by site

Shows how to apply advanced filtering in the Windows Event Log by site.

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How to enable change tracking in Microsoft Word 2010

This article shows how to turn change tracking on in Microsoft Word 2010 and how to use it to keep track of changes made in documents.

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The configured proxy server is not responding

Suddenly got the message “The configured proxy server is not responding” when I tried to browse the web after Windows 7 updates.

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Kill Bing Desktop – How to get rid of Microsoft’s latest stupid feature for Windows 7

So I ran my updates like a good boy today. And Microsoft rewarded me by installing rubbish on my PC!

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