The configured proxy server is not responding

Suddenly got the message “The configured proxy server is not responding” when I tried to browse the web after Windows 7 updates.

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Kill Bing Desktop – How to get rid of Microsoft’s latest stupid feature for Windows 7

So I ran my updates like a good boy today. And Microsoft rewarded me by installing rubbish on my PC!

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How to create a keyboard shortcut to a program in Windows 7

If you have an application you use all the time it makes sense to be able to open it with a keyboard shortcut rather than having to find it every time you want to run it. Here is how to do that.

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Rebuild corrupted performance counters

Encountered a strange problem on Windows 7 today – some of my performance counters appeared to be missing from the “Available list”. Here’s how I repaired them.

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Afterburner blue screen cannot boot

Shows how to edit settings in MSI Afterburner in Safe Mode if you keep getting the blue screen of death when you boot normally.

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Commands to launch control panel tools

A list of commands to launch tools from the control panel easily.

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How to show image thumbnails in Windows Explorer

Shows how to turn thumbnails on and off in Windows Explorer on Windows 7.

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Windows update encountered an unknown error 80244019

You get the error code 80244019 when attempting to run Windows updates in Windows 7.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection not working

In Action Center I had a message to Update Symantec Endpoint Protection. But when I did nothing changed.

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Enable Network Access Protection (NAP) on Windows 7

Shows how to turn Network Access Protection on in Windows 7.

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